Shouldn't I promote Facebook Posts regularly?

There is no REACTIONS on your Facebook Posts. You are discouraged and demoralized.

Therefore Running Post Promotion ads on Facebook and Instagram is necessary. It increases brand awareness. It gives your target audience a place to engage and interact with the brand- personal or business. It also help you and Facebook to find your target audience.

Most small businesses think that post promotion ads is a waste of time and waste of marketing budget. Because self-proclaimed Gurus tell us that these are vanity matrix. These don’t generate revenue. So we should not invest in such promotion.

I am STRONGLY in favour of promoting every post on any business page. I use it for 3 reasons-

    1. It reaches out to a large audience and attract more people.

    2. It delivers business messages to relevant people.

    3. It helps to create custom audience and lookalike audiences for MOF and BOF campaigns.

Your Facebook Page Looks Like a Brochure!!!

MOST SMALL BUSINESSES generally don’t connect with their audience. Because they are very conservative in their selection to posts on their social media account. See their Facebook pages. Most of them look like brochures.

It is understandable that you as a business owner want to GROW YOUR BUSINESS. So you talk about you- your products, your services, your company, your team and your achievements.

But your audience don’t give a damn about you or your business. They think about themselves. The customers love a business or a brand only when the business genuinely seems to care about them, the customers.

You are generally not your customer. What matters to you can’t attract your audience. Your problems are not their problems. Your goal is not their goal.

Generate Quality Leads on Facebook™ for SMEs and Professionals

 Most of the Advertisers who generate leads for new/small business FAIL. 

In the next few pages, you will learn the most effective ways to get Quality Leads– fast and affordable- with the help of the Facebook Lead Generation Campaign. 

Lead Generation is a mid-funnel goal where you get contact details of people probably interested in your service or your product.

As a small business with a low promotional budget, any marketing activity's highest priority is to GROW SALES. You need to make money fast to run the business and sustain the competition.

You need to generate leads that convert into a sale and help to generate revenue. At this stage, you, mostly, don’t care about branding and data collection.