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Desired Action - You Desire and They Take

You often come across the term “Desired Action” in Marketing and Advertisement. The success of a campaign very much depends on the number of completions of that action.

The desire is yours, and the action is taken by your audience.

You desire Video views, the audience should watch the video.

You desire a sale, the audience should make a purchase.

You desire web page views, the audience should click the link.

You need more clients. The audience should give their personal information and contact details.

As a business, we need to decide what action the target audience must take. We have to set a campaign goal and persuade the target audience to take that particular action to achieve the goal.

Now you need to set a single desire, the ultimate action that the audience must take. You can’t fulfill many desires from one campaign. There can be many steps a person goes through to complete the ultimate action. And you should set that as your desire, as your campaign goal.


Because you can tell the audience to take that action with a Call to Action (CTA). You have to persuade your audience. You can’t confuse them.

I want you to CLICK the below-given link, then WATCH the video, then LIKE it, and COMMENT on it. I can’t confuse you by asking you to – CLICK THE LINK TO WATCH MY VIDEO, LIKE IT, AND COMMENT. That is asking for a lot.

What is my ultimate goal?

My goal is to get more video views. I simply ask – Click to Watch my Video.

Give them one task at a time. After they start or complete that, you can persuade them to take the other action.

One goal of your campaign makes the work easy for you, too. You can select an appropriate target audience. You can use content or creative accordingly. You can optimize your campaign for that goal. You can analyze the campaign performance according to the only DESIRED ACTION you set for your target audience.