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Do Facebook Ads Yourself To Grow Faster

 If you want to hire a "₹2000 wala Facebook Advertiser", DO Facebook Ads yourself.

2️⃣ upfront benefits:

1. You will control everything- the creative, ad copy, narrative, numbers, budget...

2. You will learn Digital Marketing -audience, targeting, copywriting, creative style...

Learn Facebook Ads with SCROLL.CLICK.LEARN process which gives you a solid understanding of Facebook Ads Practices.

What is YOUR GOAL when practicing Scroll.Click.Learn?

You have to find answers to the following questions:

1. Which businesses are running Facebook ads?

2. How are they spending their ad budget?

3. Whom are they targeting?

4. What is their targeting strategy?

5. Which type of creative or copy they are using?

6. What APPLIED LEARNING you can gain from all this information?

Follow this routine for the next 7-10 days and to get sufficient knowledge.