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User Generated content - What? Why? How?

It is NOT ENOUGH to only deliver an awesome product/service.

Deliver awesome user experiences so that they appreciate you, they vouch for you.

Get them to share their experience with the world.

Get them clicked. Get them recorded.

Those contents are invaluable.

On your social platforms. On their social circles- online or offline

Get your awesomeness validated with user-generated content.

BUT IT IS DIFFICULT to make every customer happy.

No matter what you do, some clients/customers become unhappy for this or that reason.

Scary is that they may opt to show their anger and dissatisfaction on social media with 1⭐ and writing negative reviews.

It is a reality and you can't ignore them.

Most of the platforms where people can post reviews for a business has no option to delete/hide.


✅ Only THREE:

1. Make Quality in Delivery your Business Priority
2. Listen to your customers' grievances. Take it positively and a chance for improvement if possible.
3. Be honest and always reply to such reviews/comments, say sorry if it is your fault, clear your position on the matter and compensate for their loss or dissatisfaction.

User-Generated Content is a goldmine for any business.

But the question is- how to get #usergeneratedcontent?

Most businesses don't have any plan or process set up.

So there is a huge opportunity to get the attention and confidence of your #targetaudience and kill the competition.

Include user-generated content in your company's marketing plan and convey that to all the departments. Get it implemented analyze the result.

Just after delivering your FIRST service/product, will you ask for a review?

If it is a YES,
✔️you are brave,
✔️you are quality confident,
✔️and you are on a growth path.

Most would NOT DARE to ask.

There may be many reasons...

Most probably he is doubtful.

So hesitant.

What if...
May be...

If you want to continue your relationship with that client/customer, you have to thank her and ask for review, recommendation, referral...

YES, you must do it...

Even if she has a bad experience...

Try to understand- what gone wrong? What were her expectations? What you couldn't deliver?

You will learn a lot. You can compensate. Even if you can't, you can communicate.

Communication can avoid a possible breakup.

Relationship continues, Business continues.

👉 A sense of GRATITUDE toward a business,

👉 An urge to help the community,

👉 Boasting of an incredible experience.

These are the reasons behind a customer's motivation to write such a detailed story review.

How do you get such types of reviews?

You have to think beyond profit and business survival.

You have to be 100% customer-centric.

You have to imbibe transparency in sales communication practice of your team.

In simple terms, User-generated Content Policy, Plan & Process should get a proper place in your organization.