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Before Marketing Your Business, Ask These 4 Questions

What to market and how to market is TWO BIG QUESTIONS every business owner face before going to market. Don't worry - I am going to share my way of planning campaigns for clients.

I would ask 4 questions. The way ahead depends on the answers.

Without going stray here are those 4 questions and some probable answers:

Q 1. What is your product/service?

Simply write details of your product or service. Be specific and crystal clear.

  • Online tuition classes for Class VIII-XII
  • Honeymoon Travel Packages
  • 5 days Goa Fixed Tours
  • Social Media Post Creative – Image, Video, GIFs
  • Fully automatic Day Trading Software
  • 5 page dynamic WordPress website for Small Businesses
  • Search Engine Optimization Services for travel agency/agents
  • Fashion show for Kids for 5-14 years kids with training
  • Home loans for DDA Flats in Delhi
  • 3-15 months Personal Loans for Salaried Persons

Look, I have not written the company or brand name but concise detail. This helps you find your customer profile.  It also helps you to define your product/service in your ad copies.

Q 2. Who will buy this product?

In simple language, write the details of your customer - age, sex, education, job, interest, need, location etc.
  1. Parents, relatives of students of class 8-12 or the students themselves.
  2. Soon-to-be married couples or their relatives, preferably living in Patna or Nearby.
  3. 18-35 unmarried people, who want to travel alone or with friends
  4. Small businesses, consultants or entrepreneurs 
  5. Working people who have at least Rs. 30,000 to invest.
Q 3. Why someone will buy the product or service?

Here you define the problem or need your target customers have. 
  • Not satisfied with overall progress in previous classes and nobody at home can help. 
  • Want to get all the travel related solutions from 1 person or business
  • Want to experience new places and its life without any hindrance
  • Want to build strong social media presence 
  • Want to make some extra money from share market
Q 4. Why someone will buy the product or service from you?

You write here the reasons why your product or your service is the most suitable in the market for the customer. 
  • Your price is the most economical
  • You provide after sale support
  • Assigned client manager for complete tour
  • 14 days trial without Credit Card Details
  • 1 tour manager with every 20 passengers
  • One time set up free of cost. Product demo video given with the software subscription. 
That is enough learning for a new business owner to market the product or service. 

Note down all these questions and try to answer those as clearly as you can. The answers may become long initially. Don't worry. You will learn to think small answers with practice.

If all these confuse you, YOU KNOW WHOM TO REACH OUT. :)

P.S. This works for advertisers and marketers equally. Try it. Today. Now.