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Shouldn't I promote Facebook Posts regularly?

There is no REACTIONS on your Facebook Posts. You are discouraged and demoralized.

Therefore Running Post Promotion ads on Facebook and Instagram is necessary. It increases brand awareness. It gives your target audience a place to engage and interact with the brand- personal or business. It also help you and Facebook to find your target audience.

Most small businesses think that post promotion ads is a waste of time and waste of marketing budget. Because self-proclaimed Gurus tell us that these are vanity matrix. These don’t generate revenue. So we should not invest in such promotion.

I am STRONGLY in favour of promoting every post on any business page. I use it for 3 reasons-

    1. It reaches out to a large audience and attract more people.

    2. It delivers business messages to relevant people.

    3. It helps to create custom audience and lookalike audiences for MOF and BOF campaigns.

I am always in favour of paid promotion because organic reach is decreasing and is almost negligible in most cases.

It can be run with a daily budget of Rs. 75 and get 30-80k impressions and 5000 engagements. That is huge.

I create a new Engagement Campaign in the ad manager. Most I will target a fairly broad audience. This generates dirt cheap engagement.

Broad here means only one criteria for targeting- age, location or detailed targeting. All the other parameter are left as it is…

If I am sure my target audience is only 25-44 years, I only select the age.

If I am sure my target audience is only female, I only select the gender.

If I am sure my target audience resides only in Delhi, I only change the location.

If I provide travel related services, I just select my audience to be interested in TRAVEL.

Posts have a ripple effect. I want to make sure that I get maximum exposure. This campaign is not meant for leads or conversions. So I want to reach to my target audience but also their family, friends, colleagues.

Then I will add 3-10 posts existing posts to the campaign. When some of these posts will get a decided engagement and reactions, I pause them and add some other posts.

I get 1000s of Reactions, Video views and many messages for the business.

This is a brilliant way to find which and what content attract maximum number of people. It helps you to plan your future posts.

Would you believe your investment here BRINGS DOWN COST PER ACQUISITION?