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Your Facebook Page Looks Like a Brochure!!!

MOST SMALL BUSINESSES generally don’t connect with their audience. Because they are very conservative in their selection to posts on their social media account. See their Facebook pages. Most of them look like brochures.

It is understandable that you as a business owner want to GROW YOUR BUSINESS. So you talk about you- your products, your services, your company, your team and your achievements.

But your audience don’t give a damn about you or your business. They think about themselves. The customers love a business or a brand only when the business genuinely seems to care about them, the customers.

You are generally not your customer. What matters to you can’t attract your audience. Your problems are not their problems. Your goal is not their goal.
So you have to be in your prospective customers’ shoes. To feel their pain. To understand their goals.

As an agency owner of tractors and farming equipment, you want to sell to farmers.

You are not a farmer in most of the cases. You are a tractor seller. Your goal is to maximize your sales.

On the other side, your prospective customers are farmers. They want to increase their farming productivity and lessen the cost of farming.

See the difference in the goals- yours and theirs. So you have to balance your contents – promotional, informational and/or educational. Obviously you post about your tractors and equipment but as a solution- like productivity enhancer, time saver and cost cutting tools.

You can also post on related topics which attract your customers, i.e. farmers- farming methods, farming methods, organic farming. You can even post about farm loans. You can also post about related laws and practices.

By syncing your goals with your audience's interests and problems you will have a better online reach to your prospects. This way you will get their trust. Whenever they will need a suggestion or solution they will come to you. What more do you want from your Social Media Marketing and advertising!!! YOU SELL THEN...